2011 gloves clearout

get them for 30$ while supplies last!


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5 Responses to 2011 gloves clearout

  1. kim says:

    Do the slider gloves come as a pair? When trying to order can’t specify left hand or right or size. Are they one size fits all?

  2. Vinz says:

    the gloves come in pairs, there are large and medium left, please notify in the notes sections upon order! medium/one size is the default size


  3. I have used them myself. Well worth the money since I prefer to keep the skin on my hands when downhilling!

  4. Mike Benson says:

    Hey are there any of the 30$ slider gloves left in stock? I was also interested in checking out one of the big-fish boards this summer is there any chance that there would be gloves left by then so they could ship together?

    Thanks for your time

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