fresh Big fishes out of the oven

A brand new batch of Bigfish is just out of the oven.  Rush before the hungry men takes them all away.

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  1. Sabine Heng says:

    would love to buy a board for my son, was it not for the ‘smoking’ decals.

    • Vinz says:

      Hi, thanks for bringing that up. I work with artists to decorate the boards, and I give them very little restrictions / indications. I think this is what art is all about. The tobacco is giving it a more retro vintage sailor man kind of look. I agree with you that smoking is not an habit to support, but it does not make sense either to hide anything we do not wish to support. Smoking is still part of most societies…

      People can make choices for themselves, and a skateboard is limited in terms of role model. I doubt people, especially young ones, will identify with a hobo smoking tobacco with a pipe. But this is just me thinking.

      Again, thanks for your comment and I am totally aware that working with artists will sometimes bring up this kind of comments, but this is the way I like to build skateboards.

  2. Scott says:

    I personally think it’s an awesome graphic and fits the Big Fish theme nicely. Like the shoulder patch. Is he a free mason?

  3. jack says:

    is this longboard gonna be back on stock again

  4. Vinz says:

    it is indeed, back in stock today!


  5. Jordan says:

    where is it possible to buy and/or order The BigFish from. specifically in Interior British Columbia. i do not have a paypal account or credit card at the moment.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Hey guys, are you able to clear grip and still have design on the topside of the board? Also, how high are they, I’ve been reading around and a few people have said they’re a little high?

    • Vinz says:

      Hell jeremy, board can be clear gripped but clear grip is not exactly clear. You will see the top graphics, but not as clear as a not gripped deck.

      As far as the board’s height – it is not a drop so it is as high as any top mount with 70mm wheels! I don’t use risers, so it’s not that high. but still, it’s not a drop!

  7. Simon says:

    Hi, I’m loving my Fish.

    What would you say to setting it up on 177mm Indeesz?

    Was it made to ride Bears specifically or are they just your preference?


    • Vinz says:

      yo simon, I and we generally prefer carving trucks as they are much more stable, precise and predictable than standard trucks such as indies. lots of old school skaters only swear by indies tho. It’s all a matter of what you like. Wheelbite will be more of an issue tho!

      thanks and keep on enjoying your board.

  8. Brooks says:

    When will the fish be back in stock? anytime soon? The top graphic is sick

    • Vinz says:

      I,d say weeks roughly. Click on the sbuone signature on the bigFish page (clickable logo) and check out more of his work. send him a cheers, he’ll appreciate for sure.


  9. sam says:

    really such a good deck to ride with i persanally enjoy riding every day now

  10. Kaya says:

    What setup do you recommend for this beast if I only weigh 105 lbs and only cruise/carve/pump/commute?

    Thanks :)

  11. a! says:

    my everyday baby, starting march 2012.
    LOVE it
    big, yet light, flex and graphix to fall in love with every morning

  12. Raphael says:

    I bought BigFish two years ago. I ride mostly in Europe (Poland) and I’m in love. :-) big hugs for Big Fish!

  13. Tim Vang says:


    I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I am interested in ‘The Big Fish’… can you advise where to buy it around here?


  14. huntrt says:

    how much wieght can this board hold im 230 lbs

  15. Rein says:

    according to sickboards is the maximum weight of the Big Fish 70kg. Is this correct?

  16. Simon says:

    So I set it up with the Bears, wedge 7 degree front truck and de-wedge 4 degree back and it carves like a dream and pumps nicely on 75mm wheels.

    My only board that is not pump specific but it will be a keeper.

    God job guys!

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  18. Matt says:

    Fat old guy here, can the BigFish handle 220 lbs. of well marbled muscle ???

  19. nolan says:

    if I order a deck only board, will it come with griptape?

  20. KyleDoan says:

    Hi im looking to buy this board im 5,7 is this board to long for me and i mainly want to use to commute, carving and cruising and which set up would be good.

    • Vinz says:

      I am 5’6″ and this is my favorite… so too long not at all. I set it up with 70 mm sideset or offset wheels in the 78-81 duros, this will allow you to really pump the board and enjoy the flex.

      Hope this helps,


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